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Our international and reliable industry relations together with the international transport of horses and animals, has lead us to offer consultancy services to cover various avenues of business that may or may not be related to the movement of animals.

  • Independent veterinary examinations for purchase of horses worldwide
  • Types of stalls and penning systems used for horses and animals
  • Quarantine or stabling facilities in any part of the world
  • Purchase and sales of Thoroughbred, sports, endurance, polo ponies, children’s ponies and all breeds through our well-reputed international bloodstock or sports horse agents.
  • Acting as a Trustee on behalf of the buyer to facilitate purchases and arrange for horses to be brought into our care
  • Equine Projects and events – planning, budgeting, coordinating and managing the movement of the people and equipment involved in equestrian events. Equitrans is proud to have been actively involved in consulting on and planning some of the international events featured under our Projects and Shows section
  • Any other related or ancillary services required through our international network of partners.

Note: Some of the above consulting services are offered as goodwill based on client relationships and if costs apply for the relevant service they are quoted prior to agreement of service provided.