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Tack and equipment

While the shipment of your horse is our number one priority, we are also conscious of the fact that there are a number of accoutrements associated with each individual animal.

As such Equitrans arranges for all your equipment - headcollars, transport-rugs, transport boots, saddles, bridles and other gear to be shipped with your horse/s.

Equitrans always ensures the most important shipping tack such as lead ropes, shavings, hay, haynets, water can and buckets will always accompany your horses.

With increased security regulations and for the safety of your horse, airlines have become more stringent in the quantity of equipment that can travel in front of the stall.

Any additional equipment such as saddles, tack boxes, etc. will have to be declared on separate documentation and will be chargeable based on the weight and dimensions.

Most countries have special requirements for the import of horse/animal feed that require an import permit. This would incur additional freight and permit charges.

All tack, equipment, feed etc usually bears a value and some countries could charge customs duty and VAT based on the declared value. This differs from country-to-country and Equitrans will provide you with the necessary guidance. We can quote on request for any amount of equipment or feed subject to dimensions and weight. Again this will be handled door-to-door if required.