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Flying Grooms and vets

The wellbeing of your horses while in transit is what lies at the heart of our philosophy.

Equitrans has a team of professional grooms with more than 30 years experience in handling horses of all disciplines by air and road. The professional grooms look after the welfare and safety of your horses during transportation taking care of loading, offloading, temperature in the aircraft, feed and water, and have the skill to treat a colic or administer general veterinary care to a horse when needed.

More importantly, they ensure the sexes are separated, always ensuring to load your stallions or colts in front of the fillies and mares.

All Equitrans grooms are ATA and NPTC registered and approved, with some even having further accreditation from British Airways, FEDEX, Martin Air, Emirates, Qatar Airways and other reputed airlines and bodies.

Some horses are good travelers and some are nervous travelers and a knowledgeable groom makes a significant difference.

Equitrans considers flying grooms or animal attendants to be one of the most important parts of transporting a horse from A to B, as handling a horse 30,000 ft above sea level is a completely different job to handling one on the ground.

The damage a horse can do to itself, humans and property is not quantifiable and professional care should never be compromised whether it is a pony, a racehorse, show jumper, dressage, endurance or polo horse.