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Quarantine & Veterinary Services

”Quarantine — the isolation of an animal from other animals of a different health status for a stipulated period of time during which they are blood tested, vaccinated and declared to be free of any infectious or contagious disease.” - OIE

Each country has different import health requirements for horses/animals with certain quarantine, blood tests, vaccinations and other veterinary treatments required prior to export and on arrival in the country of destination.

Equitrans coordinates all the quarantine and other veterinary requirements with the relevant ministries and authorised quarantine and veterinary services in both the exporting and importing countries.

Equitrans has long-standing and valuable experience in dealing with many of the world's quarantine and animal-health authorities to see that the horses in our care meet the wishes of both local authorities and horse owners.

UAE Quarantine requirements

All horses imported into UAE have to complete six days quarantine on arrival.

All quarantines in the UAE are regulated by the Ministry of Environment and Water with the quarantines in Dubai managed by the Dubai Racing Club.

The UAE has some of the best quarantine facilities in the world with exceptionally skilled supervising vets and quarantine staff to manage horses in quarantine.

There are several quarantine centres in Dubai — Dubai  World Cup Quarantine, Desert Stables Quarantine, International stables Quarantine and the Dubai Airport Quarantine.

In addition to this there are approved quarantine facilities like the Sharjah Equestrian Club, Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club, Abu Dhabi Airport Quarantine and a few private quarantines.